39th International Symposium of the GRSNC

DEADLINE: Friday, March 31st 2017

Rules for Poster Abstract Submissions

  • No abstract may be submitted without first submitting a REGISTRATION FORM and making payment in full for the registration.
  • The first author will automatically be regarded as the author for contact purposes and will receive the receipt of notification by email. When applicable, the first author's supervisor will also receive a copy of this receipt (thus the importance of providing the research supervisor's email at registration).
  • The abstract must be text only (i.e. no figures or tables) and must not exceed 2500 characters including spaces.
  • Content: Each abstract should contain a sentence stating the study's objective, a brief statement of methods, a summary of the results obtained and a statement of the conclusions.
  • Note: special characters (such as math symbols, Greek letters, graphical symbols, etc.) are often not properly processed by web forms. If certain of these characters are not properly displayed during the verification step, please use a textual equivalent instead (e.g. alpha instead of α, gamma instead of γ, microns instead µ, etc).
  • Please do not use any special formatting as this information will be discarded by the web form (e.g. bold, italics, underscore, superscript, colours, etc).
  • Words used at least twice are the only ones which may be abbreviated; their definition should appear at the first occurrence.
  • Size of poster boards: 1.98 m wide by 1.14 m high (78 x 45 inches).

Access to your file

Please provide your email address, as well as your registration number (which was included with your receipt notification at registration), then press 'Go to my file'.
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Misplaced registration number

If you have lost your registration code, you can receive the registration receipt anew using the following form:

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